Wantonia Dyson
Founder & President

Wantonia Dyson is the passionate owner and president of The Cooking Station Indy, bringing over a decade of experience in the culinary industry to her role. Wantonia's journey began 11 years ago when she started selling baked goods under the business name Tonia's On A Roll. Faced with the challenge of finding a licensed kitchen for her mobile food business, Wantonia recognized the need for a dedicated space to support food entrepreneurs like herself. This vision led her to establish The Cooking Station Indy, a certified commercial kitchen located in Indianapolis. 

Wantonia's commitment to supporting local businesses is evident in her hands-on approach, where she actively engages with vendors, providing networking opportunities, business strategies, and valuable resources. Her dedication to culinary innovation and entrepreneurship has made The Cooking Station Indy a thriving hub for chefs, caterers, food trucks, and local farmers alike.

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